• Prabhupada Ultimate Audio Collection

A limited release for those who want the best quality Prabhupada Audio

The best quality Prabhupada recordings ever released, on 8 dual-layer DVDs. Contains over 1400 hours in more than 2500 MP3 recordings of high quality audio. All digitally enhanced. In a beautiful boxed Set.

Dramatically improved audio quality. Includes entire kirtan and bhajan collection. Greatly Improved ID3 tags. New option to listen by date order. Recorded at 128 Kb/sec [previous Prabhupada MP3s were at 24 Kb/sec!]

A beautiful 8 DVD-ROM Boxed Set containing over 1,400 hours of Prabhupada's lectures, classes, morning walks, room conversations, and discussions with more than 100 hours of kirtans and bhajans in high quality 128 Kb/sec MP3 Format.

This Prabhupada Ultimate Audio Collection contains all of Srila Prabhupada's lectures, conversations and bhajans and kirtans presented for the first time in 128 Kb/sec high quality MP3 files on 8 dual-layer MP3 DVDs.

The collection includes 2,233 MP3 recordings with a total playing time of over 1,200 hours!

This much improved release of the Prabhupada MP3 Audio Library, digitally remastered, provides a significant improvement in audio quality. You will hear Srila Prabhupada more clearly than ever before. All MP3 files have also been digitally enhanced to remove static and improve audio quality. These are the best quality audio recordings of Srila Prabhupada ever.

Improvements include:

Greatly improved audio quality compared to the previous Prabhupada MP3 sets. The sound is now as good as it can possible be. The sound is now better than the original tapes due to state-of-the-art digital noise reduction.

Includes the entire kirtan and bhajan collection featuring more than 40 Music CDs of Srila Prabhupada.

Newly improved digital remastering has removed the tape hiss and other noise better than on the previous MP3 set.

ID3 Tags have been improved enabling playing Prabhupada's lectures in either date order or by verse order. Plus they have been opimized for all players and computers including iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices. Also every MP3 file now has a very nice appropriate photo of Srila Prabhupada as the 'Cover Art'.

Easy to find classes, morning walks, etc: All classes are listed together with, for example, all Bhagavad-gita classes together sorted by verse number. Also all morning walks are listed together. Many devotees like to listen to the morning walks but previously this was difficult as they were mixed up with everything else on other MP3 sets and the original tapes. With this set all the morning walks are listed together with the description, date and location clearly listed in the file name. One simply has to click on the file name to play. So it is very easy to find and play what you are looking for both on a computer or a portable MP3 player.

Full ID3 File Information: For easy playing access. Simply click on the desired title and the desired audio will start playing. Using the improved MP3 tags you can easily create playlists enabling you to listen to anything you want to from the Prabhupada Audio Library in any order that you desire to hear it in.

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Prabhupada Ultimate Audio Collection

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